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Addendum: a different sort of meme

I just got this from sovay. It's actually about something, though obviously it's only going to appeal to writers. I thought it would be easy at first, but then I got to thinking about how different my stuff now is from the stuff I was writing in the early and mid-nineties, and I see it's not easy at all.

Ten ways to tell you’re reading one of my stories:

01) The as-it-suits-my-mood-and-needs approach to "standardized" English grammar. This is much less true of newer stories.

02) People wear Doc Martens. Well, again, this mostly applies to my older stories, where there's an inordinate fondness for Docs. You know, back before the outsourcing, when they were made in England.

03) The unsympathetic characters. Oh, it's true. Ask most any "reviewer."

04) The lack of "accessibility." Again, it must be true. I hear it all over the web. I just can't seem to care, which is reasonable, as I deny the validity of the so-called "reader-writer contract." Perhaps I should include my penchant for unresolved situations in this category.

05) Unruly drunks with hearts of gold. Schizophrenics. Addicts of all stripes. Crazy girls you either love or hate.

06) Ghouls, "stick dogs," and giant red wolves.

07) Charles Fort quotes.

08) Dream sequences, or scenes that might be dreams.

09) Allusions to paleontology, deep time, geology, fossils, trilobites, ancient life, etc.

10) Allusions to the ocean, all things nautical and maritime, or to vast subterranean spaces, or both.

Well, I probably could have gone to twenty. Someday, I will meet the perfect meme, and we'll marry (against Spooky's wishes) and have lots of little baby memes...

Oh. Have I mentioned the letter Z auction?
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