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Addendum: because I'm bored

I snurched this from robyn_ma, who was kind enough to not actually tag anyone. I hate being tagged. You wind up with all these guys following you around with little radar contraptions, and those metal tags leave scars...

Guilty pleasures meme:

1. Culinary: Anything containing refined sugar, especially Swedish Fish, and Starburst Jellybeans, and Skittles, and...
2. Literary: the Farscape/Deadwood/Firefly slash I haven't yet found time to write.
3. Audiovisual: Project Runway. Anything with Vin Diesel. Godzilla movies.
4. Musical: A-Ha.
5. Celebrity: Who isn't a musician, writer, or actor? You mean like Oprah or Paris Hilton? Ew. I don't do those.

That was harder than expected. It took me eight whole minutes.
Tags: dumb meme

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