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falling down (on the job)

Gahan Wilson has written a very nice review of To Charles Fort, With Love for the February issue of Realms of Fantasy. Definitely the highpoint of my 2006, thus far. I was especially pleased with this paragraph: Both Kiernan and an observer no less astute than Ramsey Campbell in his afterword flatly state that the best work in To Charles Fort, With Love is "La Peau Verte," and I absolutely go along with that. It's not only one of the best and loveliest written scary stories I've ever read, it's also a cautionary tale which I would earnestly recommend to any brave young soul presently toying with the notion of becoming seriously involved with the artistic life read and ponder on—just in case they might have second thoughts. It's always best to have at least a dim glimmer of what you're getting into.

Otherwise, yesterday was a total washout. I'm not sure what went wrong. But it did. I lost control of myself and the day. And there are too few days and too much work to allow myself to get away with crap like that. I need to have Sirenia Digest #2 written and laid out by this coming Sunday, the 15th. I have to proof Daughter of Hounds, and I have precious little time remaining in which to get it done. I have to make a few more tweaks to "Bainbridge" and read through the rest of the Dancy stories. It looks like I'm going to let Anita write the afterword for Alabaster after all, because gods know I don't have time to do it. And yeah, had I not squandered two months this fall on Bullet Girl I wouldn't be in this fix, but opportunity at the door and all that. Regardless, I cannot now allow myself to frell off on days when I absolutely do not feel like being stuck at this keyboard all damn day long. Like today. It's actually warmish out, and Spooky and I could go for a walk somewhere interesting. The day is a lure, dangling bright before my eyes, and I'm a fish that has to remember there's a nasty big hook behind all that sparkle. Work, you damn fool. No excuses. No, not even that. Nor that either. No means no. I have to sign eBay books, tweak "Bainbridge," and read through "The Well of Stars and Shadow" and "Alabaster" (the post-chapbook, 2.0 version of the short story). And other things I'll not want to do that will crop up along the way.

After we dropped by B&N yesterday afternoon to get the review, Spooky and I had coffee out (something we virtually never do these days, as one cannot waste a small fortune on overpriced coffee delicacies when one is scrimping and saving to move to New England). As we sat in the coffeehouse, I tried to talk through all the crap that had led to my blowing another day I can't spare. We got some Thai food on the way home. We watched The Transporter again, because Spooky hadn't seen it and I wanted to see it again because the sequel comes out on DVD this week. And I needed a good BDAF (Big Dumb Action Film) after The Cave. Actually, I've thought of a couple of other things about The Cave that didn't suck. Cole Hauser's contact lenses. Those were awesome (and we see them on Piper Perabo at the end of the film — or maybe that was Lena Headey; it's hard to be sure, so interchangeable were the characters). And there was the scene where either Charlie or Kathryn (again, interchangeable) attempts to scale a steep cave wall and is attacked by one of the creatures, which appears to try to rape her. That was about as close as the film came to a visually stunning, suspenseful scene. Yes, I am grasping at straws. Anyway, last night, after the movie, we read more Harry Potter. I think we've reached Chapter Nine.

Okay. Time to make the doughnuts. I have to try and atone for yesterday...
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