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Addendum: The Rest of Yesterday

It wasn't all just fish and giggles. And velour. And redneck tourists slandering octopi. For one thing, my contributor's copy of Horror: Another 100 Best Books arrived in the post yesterday morning. This is Steve Jones and Kim Newman's follow-up to their 1988 volume, Horror: 100 Best Books. You may recall that I was asked to write one of the essays and chose Kathe Koja's novel Skin (1993) as my subject. I have to confess that I have a very bad habit of not reading the anthologies in which my stories are published. I tend to flip through them and set them on the shelf where I keep all my published stuff, intending to get back to the book, but then forgetting all about it. However, I wanted to take a moment to reccommend this book. The first volume was really wonderful. I picked it up when I was in London in '98. Wonderful essays by wonderful authors. The editors asked 100 authors to each choose one horror/dark fantasy/thriller book which they considered a classic of the form. This time out, sixteen years later, it was the same idea. So far, I've read Peter Straub's foreward and Steve and Kim's introduction, as well as three of the essays: Jeff VanderMeer on House of Leaves, S. T. Joshi on The Nightmare Factory, and Brian Hodge on Lost Souls. This is a very, very readable book, and you should all endeavor to snag a copy ASAP. It's available from Amazon and should be in the chain bookshops, too. And I must admit to being flattered that Silk, Tales of Pain and Wonder, and From Weird and Distant Shores made the "oversight" list at the end of the book.

After the aquarium yesterday, we treated ourselves to some very hot, very yummy Thai food for dinner. Then spent most of the evening watching the next four episodes of Season Two of Battlestar Galactica (which continues to amaze and delight). And, of course, we watched the new Project Runway (which was just a little surreal, sandwiched between two episodes of BG). I'd picked Nick Verreos to win (though I personally liked the designs by Andraé Gonzalo and Diana Eng much more), so I was surprised when it went to Santino Rice. But I was even more surprised when they dumped the very talented Gaudalupe Vidal and kept frelling Marla Duran, even after she admitted to having copied her design from a Chloe dress...sigh. Go figure.

Oh, this comment yesterday by tactileson amused me very much, so much so that I'm going to repost it. It made me smile. It is, well, drad: If you search the word "drad" on Google, your Farscape list is the #7 link on the page. If you search "farscape" and "drad" together yours is the number one result. Kinda neat.. Kinda drad, if you ask me.

Crap. I wish I wouldn't leave myself cryptic little notes I cannot later decipher. BBM. What the frell does that mean? It's in a list of things I was going to discuss in this entry, but I have no idea what it might stand for. If I remember, later, I'll add a postscript.

Spooky, who manages the stock that I sell on eBay, has declared that the copy of In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers presently being auctioned will be the last that I'm allowed to auction. So, this is it, kiddos. If you want to get this book from me (and it's also sold out at subpress), this is your last chance. No foolin'. Of course bidding continues, rather furiously, on letter X of Frog Toes and Tentacles and it's sexy little "cozy." At least I know how we'll pay the gas bill this month. Here's the link to our eBay auctions. Have a look, if you will. Thanks. And there's always Sirenia Digest. As soon as I get "Bainbridge" proofed and polished (tomorrow), I have to write the next two vignettes.
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