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Addendum: In which I have reached THE END.

At about 6 p.m. (Caitlín Standard Time), I finally finished the first draft of "Bainbridge." It is done. Now I get a couple of days off, the first real days-off I've had in weeks. Spooky's taking me to the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow (you'll recall that I didn't get to go on Xmas). There will be fish. And squids. And stuff. My thanks to everyone who has so far offered their advice regarding a possible move to Salem, MA, especially kambriel, who has very kindly promised to introduce us to the city firsthand. Now I'm gonna go lie on my face. Literally. Tonight, I may drown in my own drool.

Oh, and that weirdness with supposedly selling Murder of Angels for only $4.99 was a screw-up on Amazon's part, the best one they've pulled on me since they claimed that I wrote Neil's book Stardust. I e-mailed my editor today, who, equally baffled, e-mailed the Amazon rep, who said it was all a big mistake. So. Apologies. No $4.99 copies of MoA. It still has all that "bargain price" nonsense up, but trust me, it lies. I have been assured that this will not negatively impact sales. What sales? Ha, ha, ha, ha...oh, whatever.

Oh, and here's the link to letter X of Frog Toes and Tentacles and its sumptuous "cozy." Have a look. Crushed velvet and red silk. Oooooooooooo.
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