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waking the witch

Not a bad Cephalopodmas, all in all. I'm very glad that people enjoyed "The Thirteen Days of Cephalopodmas." I'm hoping that by next December 22nd, I'll have the lyrics to many more Cephalopodmas carols. As for that other holiday which begins with "C" and ends with "mas," well, Spooky and I will be spending it at the Georgia Aquarium with friends, which is almost like getting two Cephalopodmases in one year.

Yesterday, I did read through what's been written on "Bainbridge" so far. And to my relieved surprise, it seems to work. I was especially concerned about the bit I wrote on Tuesday, on the second Silentday. It was one of those things I need to be reading aloud as I write it, and, well, I couldn't read it aloud (hence the kicking and screaming of the words, which I mentioned previously). But, regardless, it works. Now, it's time to stop slacking off and get this story finished. Today and tomorrow, and then all next week, and I should be done with "Bainbridge."

Dinner with Jim and "Hannah" last night, and then we ended up at Oxford Comics on Piedmont. That was my third time in Oxford in only two days, and I suspect they were beginning to think I was planning on moving in or something. Spooky and I finally got home latish (lateish?) and I played Ico for a while. Like Shadow of the Colossus, it's a beautiful and enthralling game, and it's all the more impressive for having been released back in 2001. However, it does seem to have a somewhat higher frustration factor than SofC. So far, though, it's doing a fairly nice job of being a game that doesn't constantly remind you that it's a game, which is a good thing. Before I began Ico, I gave the Kong game a try and must admit that I was very disappointed. There'd been so much hype for this title, the proclamations that finally there was a good movie-based game. I beg to differ. It didn't help that much of it's a first-person shooter, and some of the dialogue (voiced by the film's actors) was really outstandingly lame. For example, when Ann Darrow, having just witnessed a couple of pterodactyl-like critters chowing down on a scorpio-pede (Nepapede harpagabdominus), remarks something like "Amazing! All the species on this island eat each other." Uh...yeah. I'll probably give the Kong game another try later on, maybe, but I suspect it's just not going to live up to the hype. Hype is a dangerous thing.

I was tremendously relieved to hear that Congress has blocked Bush's plans to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. And this after renewal of the Patriot Act failed. And the defeat of the creationists in Pennsylvania. I know better than to allow myself to become optimistic, but still...

Okay. Time to make the doughnuts. I must earn my Kindernacht.
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