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It had been my intent yesterday to get started on "Bainbridge," but I spent much more time putting Sirenia Digest #1 together than I'd expected to, reading through both "Madonna Littoralis" and "Untitled 13" and making a number a corrections and changes. By the time I'd gathered all the images together and e-mailed everything to thingunderthest to make a PDF of it all, I was too distracted to begin the story. But hopefully it'll happen today. We've reached the middle part of the month, and I can't deny that I'm behind.

In part, that's because I sacrificed another week to the whole Bullet Girl thing. Last night, after reading comments and e-mails from a few people who were disappointed that I wouldn't be doing a comic anytime soon, I thought how I should have pointed out that had it happened, there probably wouldn't have been another novel for ages. That's why it took me so long to write Threshold, after all. The Dreaming consumed so much of my time and energy there was very little left over for novelizing. I do wish that Bullet Girl had come together, for a number of reasons, not the least being that I'd love to be doing a comic again, but some part of me is also relieved that it didn't, the part of me that has two novels and a number of short stories it would like to get written in the next year. There's only so much time, and there are always trade-offs.

My thanks for the e-mails and comments re: Frog Toes and Tentacles that I've received. Feedback on this book is very much appreciated, since there likely won't be any reviews (my choice) and it's seemed like such a departure for me.

We watched the original King Kong (1933) on TCM last night. I first saw it about 1971, and it's one of those films that was surely a powerful formative influence for me. Especially the steamy, shadowy jungles of Skull Island, like a Gustav Doré painting come alive and populated with all manner of antediluvian terrors. Skull Island might almost be a cradle for all my nightmares and no small portion of my wonder, except I can count at least a half dozen other equally likely cradles. So, it goes without saying that I have high expectations for Jackson's remake. We're going to a showing this evening. My fingers are crossed. Also, I was struck again by the similarities between King Kong and The Call of Cthulhu — a lost South Pacific island harbouring ancient terrors and a gargantuan "god" thing (in Son of Kong [1933] the island even sinks), news of the island having come from the sole survivor of a drifting boat, Denham's map having come from a Norweigian skipper and a Norweigian sailor being the sole survivor of the ship that encountered Cthulhu's island, the inclusion of towering ruins, monster-worshiping cults, and so forth. Joshi's biography of Lovecraft notes that he saw King Kong, but only after he'd published The Call of Cthulhu in 1926.

We also finished reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone last night, and I'm glad to say that I greatly enjoyed the book and look forward to the others. The only thing that struck me as strange — and it's something I'd never wondered about when watching the films — is that Rowling has the students at Hogwart's celebrating all the Xtian holidays. Halloween, Xmas, Easter...they're all there. It would have seemed far more appropriate if they'd recognized the older precursors to those holidays — Samhain, Solstice, Ostara, etc. — with only muggles celebrating the watered-down, Xtianized versions. Of course, this may be one reason that the books have been so warmly received and that many Xtian parents haven't found them threatening, and it may have been a shrewd move on Rowling's part to stick with the Xtian holidays. Or it may simply have been her preference. It would be foolish of me to count it as a black mark against the books, but it is interesting.

And don't forget — December 22nd is Cephalopodmas. Fortunately, we have the wonderful Pharyngula to remind us of these things.

Time to make the damned doughnuts. Look for Sirenia Digest #1 sometime tomorrow. And please have a look at the eBay auctions. I think that some of them are ending today.
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