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Thank you all.

Today I will refrain from further bitchery regarding the act of writing and the publishing world (and my place in it). It's time to thank all the people who helped to make my -0th birthday suprisingly untraumatic by distracting me from my advancing age with their generosity. I'd have done this sooner, but there was a big straggler (there's still a straggler or two, I understand, and those people will be thanked later, I promise).

In no order whatsoever, my thanks to Bill Schafer, for War of the Monsters PS2; to Blu, for Reptilicus; to James, for the Marx Bros. boxed set; to Brandon, for VNV Nation's PastPerfect; to Edward, for The Company of Wolves; to Jim and Jennifer, for the D&D Draconomicon; to Shannon, for Skinny Puppy's The Greater Wrong of the Right; to my agent, Merrilee, for the dozen yellow roses; to Rene, for the Amazon gift certificate; and to Sissy, Kat, Jean-Paul, Jada, Maureen, Quendi, Poppy, Brent, Larne (Llar'en), Keith, Katrina, Roxanne, Franklin, Katherine, Zilljah, Marieke, Brandon, and Elizabeth, for (I still don't quite believe this) the XBox, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and Mechassault. Whew. I think that's everyone for now, except I still have this funky SpongeBob game thingy that came in the XBox package, which I think was Jean-Paul's doing (someone correct me if I'm wrong). You have all been very, amazingly kind. My fans are the draddest, but now you have set frightful expectations for my -0th birthday, ten short years from now. I'll post a couple of loot photos tomorrow (I'd do it today, but there isn't time).

I have to stop in a moment and get dressed, because today we must travel deep into the Great Hostile beyond the western edge of The Perimeter. I'd feel better about this if Spooky and I had a Peacekeeper escort (or at least a few Storm Troopers to draw the fire). We should be back by dark, if the Fates are kindly, though that's damned little consolation.

Yesterday? Just more notes for The Daughter of Hounds, some last minute business with the galleys for Murder of Angels, stuff like that. The evening was blessedly free of work. Jennifer and Spooky and I hooked up the XBox, and Spooky and I spent the rest of the evening playing Mechassault and Prince of Persia. We got to bed about one-thirty, I think. I slept much better than the night before, a full eight hours, though there were some spectacularly unnerving dreams. But I'm used to those.

By the way, check out the new issue of National Geographic (June 2004) for the article on the Monterey Canyon and its squishy, Lovecraftian denizens. I wish I'd had it when I was working on "Houses Under the Sea" for Thrillers 2.

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