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E is for Exhaustion.

So, this is what happens when a) you use Benadryl to wean yourself off Ambien and b) wind up addicted to Benadryl, instead. Then c) we run out of Benadryl, and d) Spooky forgets to get more Benadryl. I might have gotten five hours of very fitful, nightmare-stained sleep, beginning sometime after five a.m. Blegh. I'm about to drink all the coffee on earth to see if that will at least pry my eyelids open (yes, I'm typing with my frelling eyes shut). Fortunately, I decided yesterday to take today off, so at least I don't have to lament the writing that I won't get done in the next twelve hours.

See. Spooky just looked at Sophie and said, "The kettle says 'toot,'" and I said, "The cow says 'moo'?" That's how delirious I am.

Anyway, yesterday I finished "Untitled 13," the alien whorehouse vignette. It only took an additional 610 words (for a total of 1,839), and I'm relieved to say that I'm quite happy with what has turned out to be a very different bit of writing for me. I read it to Spooky yesterday afternoon, then to Jim and Hannah last night, and the response has been entirely favourable. I'm pretty sure that someday this piece will become a longer story. I felt the same way about some of the Frog Toes and Tentacles pieces. "Ode to Katan Amano," for example. One thing that people who subscribe to Sirenia Digest are going to be privy to is some of my more experimental work. I probably never would have tried "Untitled 13" if I'd been writing it for a print editor, and it's a shame that the strictures of market lead us, sometimes, to avoid certain approaches or material. Now, all that remains to be written for SD #1 is a prologue sort of thing. Then it's back to work on Secret Project B (again, again, again) and Alabaster.

By the way, Hannah isn't really Hannah's name, but she'll understand why I'm using Hannah. Confusion must be avoided.

Anything else about yesterday? Friends over for dinner (see above) and we did the Vortex. I was briefly so annoyed with our anorexic oh-so-edgy gothabilly waitress that I wanted to gouge her eyes out — but the urge passed. Spooky and I watched the 144 minute "making of" documentary on The Devil's Rejects DVD. Oh, the mail brought me a very wonderful piece of artwork by the late Frank Kelly Freas, courtesy David Kirkpatrick. It's now residing on the mantle in my office.

How about some frelling e-mail? I think I'm awake enough to handle an e-mail.

Dear Caitlin-

I was just curious as to whether or not you had ever considered releasing your books in audio format?  I have recently discovered the joy of spoken word novels and would be utterly thrilled to find a copy of one of your fantastic books for sale in audio form as I can only imagine the strange and amazing dreams that might be provoked by listening to your words as though a twisted fairy tale were being read at my bedside. Please let me know if you have any plans, now or in the future, so that I might be on the lookout for what I would consider an amazing gift.

Thank you Sincerely, J.P.

P.S. — I am a huge fan and own every copy of your novels and short story collections that I can get my greedy hands on (paperback and hardcover limited editions)!

Presently, I have no plans to release anything to audio. As far as my novels are concerned, Penguin always buys the exclusive audio rights. They've just never seen fit to actually publish audio editions. But I could still, in theory, release audio editions of my short fiction and novellas. When The Crüxshadows came through town last month, Rogue was asking me this very same question and offering to hook me up with some good recording people. But I'm not entirely comfortable with my reading voice. He suggested that someone else read the stories (this suggestion has been made before, when I said I didn't like my voice), and who knows. Maybe in the future. It's one of those things that's bound to happen sooner or later. I'm actually kind of glad that there haven't been audio editions of the novels, as I don't want to think about anyone getting abridged versions. Aren't most audiobooks abridged? I don't listen to them myself, but that's the impression I have.

Spooky wanted me to remind everyone that the old mailing address — P.O. Box 5290 — is no longer valid. Now it's P.O. Box 5381. Same post office. Same city, state, and zip. Caitlín R. Kiernan, P.O. Box 5381, Atlanta, GA 31107. I haven't yet been able to change it on Blogger because something's frelled with their ability to republish large blogs and the old address is in the template. So, once again: P.O. Box 5381, not P.O. Box 5290.

I've added a copy of Aberrations #27 (my first fiction publication) and Candles for Elizabeth (out of print, my first chapbook) to the current eBay auctions. Yesterday was the first time that I've actually looked at CfE in, I don't know, a long, long time. It very much encapsulates where I was and what was going on with me in the mid '90s. Have a look. Bid. Thanks!
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