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of absinthe and doughnuts

The cold weather I feared yesterday has come today. Bleh. Bright and sunny, but no warmth to be had out there. The sky so blue it makes me dizzy to look at it very long. And it's not particularly warm inside, either. This was supposed to be the year I made peace with winter. If only I could grow a nice fur coat...

Yesterday, I finished "Madonna Littoralis." The word count stands at 2,420. I'm very pleased with the piece. The second half was much more difficult to write than the first half, though. I finally resorted to The Green Fairy, and then the words began to flow again. She is ever my saviour. When I was done, I read the vignette to Spooky and discovered it's the sort that really is best when read aloud. So, that's the first half of Sirenia Digest #1. I'm hoping that today I'll get at least partway through the second vignette. Oh, and word from subpress is that Frog Toes and Tentacles will begin shipping this weekend.

Also, Monster Doodle Sculpture #4 was finally finished yesterday. Photos behind the cut:

Some sort of vague despair is tugging at me today, doing its best to slow me down. Most likely, it's the weather. And I slept too late, and now there's much too little day left. And I was hoping to make it to library this evening, as I was too tired after writing to make it yesterday.

The new issue of National Geographic has a so-so story about extinct marine reptiles, including the newly discovered marine croc Dakosaurus andiniensis. Unfortunately, too much of the article is wasted on the Loch Ness Monster and Chinese and Native American mythology instead of actually discussing the fossil taxa. The art's hit and miss. I do like the image of a shool of gigantic Shonisaurus sikanniensis in a shallow tropical lagoon, and the Temnodontosaurus platyodon and Henodus chelyops are both pretty cool. But the Tylosaurus proriger is far too stiff and looks a bit too "generic mosasur."

Okay. I should be at least an hour into the writing by now, so.... (cue music, roll credits).
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