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No way to slow down.

This morning's entry will likely be short. I need to see to one or two last details with Threshold and get it back in the mail to my editor. I need to not forget to tack on a new bio, or they'll end up reprinting the one from 2001. My eyes are only about half open, despite the coffee. Not much to say about yesterday. I worked on MDS #4, which is woefully late, but coming along (apologies). I'm about to have to shift gears from Threshold to Alabaster and begin editing the collection and start writing "Bainbridge," the "last" Dancy Flammarion story. Actually, having to do this read-through on Threshold couldn't have come at a better time, as far as getting me ready to work on Alabaster is concerned. Dancy is now fresh in my mind.

I was amazed at how well the distribution of Sirenia Digest 0 went. Only one person reported any trouble opening the PDF, and only a couple of copies were misdirected. Next time, things should be just about perfect. If you missed 0, you can make it up to yourself by not missing Issue 1. Subscribe today. Click here. A mere $10/month gets you two vignettes and assorted other goodies.

Have I mentioned how much I've loving Shadow of the Colossus? Of course, I have, but some things bear repeating. I'm pretty sure that it's my favourite game since The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay (which supplanted Primal). Indeed, it just might be The Coolest Game Ever, as far as I'm concerned. After four nights, I've bested seven colossi. Clearly, I need to keep an eye out for Ico. SotC astounds me — the beauty of it, the game's brilliant simplicity, its physics, the graphics, the fact that the creators were brave enough to trust the gamer to get by without an elaborate backstory, etc. and etc. It makes me grin (and too few things do).

Spooky and I are due a decent movie. The last couple of DVD rentals have been pretty awful. There was an Italian western on Saturday night, Giovanni Veronesi's Il Mio Westo (1998; aka, Gunslinger's Revenge). The only thing that comes close to redeeming this film is David Bowie's tongue-in-cheek performance as the preening, egomanical villian, and the whole comes off three parts Disney fluff to one part half-assed spaghetti western. Then, last night, we watched Stealth, and don't ask me why I do these things. Sometimes even I'm astounded at the depraved depths of my masochism. Stealth probably has the dullest and most superfluous first hour of any action movie in history, followed by a second hour that put me in mind of the "original" movies that the Sci-Fi Channel's been coughing up lately.

Okay. Time to work. Yippee. Oh, yeah. Spooky's decided that the hamster's full name is Chiana Marshmallow Pipsqueak, aka Hamtaro. Also, it was good to learn I'm not the only Jethro Tull fan out there...
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