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the magic of stones

The post-novelizing depression thing hit me full-tilt boogie on Sunday, and I figured no one needed to hear me moan about the absence of fulfillment and the futility and all that dren, so I just decided to stay away from the journal until I was feeling better. Which I am. Mostly. So.

The last three days have been spent proofreading Threshold, more than anything else. We did chapters Six and Seven ("Touched" and "Uroboros") on Saturday, Eight and Nine ("At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners" and "The Other Word for Catchfly") on Sunday, and chapters Ten and Eleven yesterday ("Life Before Man" and "The Forked and Shining Path"). Today, we will likely finish up. I've been spending a lot of time trying not to think about how I'm not getting paid to do this, how this was an opportunity, a courtesy, etc. Just do the work. The work is all that matters. And, regarding Threshold, an e-mail from Robert Bertram:

haven't visited blog faithfully...blah, blah, blah....recently read several entrails about were proofreading blaf, blah, blah...chapters 3& of chapter 5...question:   is this for the-while-back rumor of a Subterranean press edition?

No. Though there may yet be a Subterranean Press edition, this revision is for the Roc mass-market paperback, which will be out sometime next year.

Also, Sirenia Digest (Issue 0) went out to 96 subscribers last night. Hopefully, everyone has receivied their copies and encountered no problems opening and reading them. I was very pleased with the final product. Issue 1 should be sent out on (or about) December 10th. And if you haven't subscribed, you should. Just click here. I'll be doing an interview about Sirenia Digest this week for the subpress newsletter.

I've never had a fondness for rodents, but last night Spooky and I dropped by the pet store to pick up some food for Sophie, and my eye happened to fall upon the Cutest Hamsters on Earth, the Winter White, which bear an uncanny resemblance to the lesser brubchins from the equatorial forests of Nebari Prime. There are photos behind the cut, for those what care:

Never before have I wished to own a rodent, but perhaps there truly is a first time for everything...

Last night, weary of dying again and again and again and again while trying to escape the Gilman Hotel, I set Call of Cthulhu aside to try Shadow of the Colossus. And wow. Truly, this is the most gorgeous game I have ever played, the most genuinely cinematic. On the one hand, the premise is quite simple: a boy, his horse, his dead girlfriend, and a every battle is a boss. On the other hand, I've never before encountered such a fully realized virtual world. And the collosi, one of which I managed to defeat last night, are astounding. This is the first time I've ever encountered a game that managed to capture awe and use it to effect terror. It's quite an achievement. The gameplay is superb and the graphics are beautiful. This game will likely keep me busy for quite some time to come. Check it out.

Okay. Work awaits. I'd love to hear some feedback about the first issue of the digest...
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