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my morbid uterus

Winter has reached Atlanta. On Tuesday, we had highs in the low 80s, a low of about 60F. Last night, low 30s. Tonight, lows are forecast in the frelling 20s. Oh, but this is the year I've sworn to make peace with the cold. Yes, I have sworn it. It's here on the list, right after spin straw into gold...

But, even with all the shivering, I managed to have a fairly productive day yesterday. We did Chapter Two of Threshold, the very first time I wrote Dancy Flammarion. The scene in the Birmingham Public Library. I discovered a huge continuity error between Threshold and the Dancy short stories, which was annoying, but I think I've already forumlated a logical explanation. Also, I've pretty much finished the first Sirenia PDF; just waiting on one more thing before I send the text to be formatted. And I answered the first round of questions for a new interview.Yay me. Also also, we're running a little slow with getting the last bunch of eBay purchases in the mail, but they'll be coming soon, promise.

I've learned from Bill Schafer that twenty copies of the limited edition of Frog Toes and Tentacles have become available again. So, it's not quite sold out after all, so if you've been lamenting having missed out on the limited (which is leatherbound and includes one more vignette than the trade edition), now's your chance.

Urgh. Sorry. I'm feeling rather incredibly and profoundly glum this morning. I don't want to go back to bed, but under the bed might just do the trick. Maybe one smallish Nar'eth photo will help...

Actually, it might take a second, larger one. This pic's from the October 5th, 2002 "Save Farscape" benefit at The (now deceased) Chamber. Don't ask me what Chiana and Nar'eth (pre-leg shields) are doing in a broom closet, 'cause I can't remember (but my thanks to the lomer for this photo, and yes that was a lot of parentheticals): I still feel pretty glum. Anyway, time to make the doughnuts. Ena sn'ial, as they say...
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