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a bottle of bootlegged rum and a wooden handle

Oh, frell me. As if the flood of new games hasn't already wreaked total ownage upon me, I just stumbled across Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Verily, I am doomed.

Yesterday, I noted that I'd worked thirteen days without a break, and that eleven of them had been full-on writing days, and Spooky declared that I deserved a day off. So, yes, there were e-mails I should have answered and all manner of things I should have worked on, but I didn't. I didn't do much of anything. Towards sunset, we took Sophie to the park (which she doesn't seem to like anymore, after a bad dog experience) and watched a gorgeous pink full moonrise. I also caught up on some personal correspondence, and last night we drove up to Buckhead for dinner with friends. It was a nice non-frantic day. I think discovering that I finished the novel two months early, instead of two weeks early, sort of freaked me out. I needed downtime desperately. I probably still need downtime, but today I'm getting back on the horse (and mixing metaphors). After dinner last night, we sat up talking, waiting for the storms that were headed towards us. I think it was after three before I finally fell asleep. Yesterday was warm and sunny. Today is chilly and wet, and tonight's going to be cold. I assume tomorrow will be likewise. Bleh.

And let me just say, I'm already sick to puking death of Thanksgiving and Xmas. This year, Spooky and I will have a quiet little observance of Solstice and that shall be that. Though, I admit, if I had Poppy's black Santa, I'd be sorely tempted to stick him out in the front yard until all this foolishness is past.

Today, I have to get the text for the first Sirenia Digest ready and send it out to my PDF guru. I also need to work on two different interviews and maybe have a brief look at the Daughter of Hounds ms. And read over the two chapters of Threshold that we didn't read yesterday. So, yeah, a busy day and looking at it that way, I'd kind of like to go back to yesterday, or at least go back to bed. But no. Alas, I must earn my Harry Potter tickets.

There's still time to subscribe before the first Sirenia Digest is mailed. Just click here. And my grateful thanks to everyone who's subscribed already. Now. I work.
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