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The new Battlestar Gallactica aside, the Sci-Fi Channel has spent the last several years losing face and pandering and frelling people over and generally behaving like any other television network. And now it has decided to "discontinue" SciFiction. Edited by Ellen Datlow since 2000, SciFiction has consistently published the best in new sf and has received awards almost too numerous to mention, but including the Hugo and Nebula. Also, it was possibly the best market open to sf writers, offering a remarkable .25¢/word. But now, "As SCIFI.COM gears up to expand with exciting new ventures utilizing the newest technology...", the SFC has given the site the axe. Let this forever stand as a reminder that doing a thing as well as it can hope to be done is in no way evidence of success. SciFiction failed to make the beancounters at the SFC happy, and never let's mind the awards and the amazing fiction or the fact that, unlike the channel itself, SciFiction was actually consistently contributing something of worth to the genre. Ellen Datlow is a brilliant editor, and she'll go on to do wonderful things, and the authors who appeared on the site will find other markets, but it's still an unforgivable loss and another big black mark for the SFC. New stories will continue to appear until the end of 2005, and all the archives are available. I assume the SFC will be taking it all down in 2006, so read now.

Yesterday was an unbelievable writing day. One for my personal record book. I did 2,854 words on Chapter Ten of Daughter of Hounds and came, I think, within 500-800 words of THE END. I'd hoped to finish, but at 7:30 Spooky told me it was time to stop and have dinner. I was far beyond exhausted. I'm still exhausted this morning, after eight and a half hours of sleep. Reading it all back to Spooky, what I wrote yesterday, I almost started crying. Part of that was being so tired, but part of it was the story and seeing that my time with these characters, at least for now, is almost at an end. It will be finished with today. And sure, even after that "finish" there will be a mountain of work left to do on this ms., but that's not the same. It will have happened, this book. It will have been written, and all the rest is merely window dressing and fine tuning and a little tuck and fold here and there. I have fallen in love with Soldier and Emmie and the Daughter of the Four of Pentacles, and it will be a long time before the immediacy of their story is gone from my mind.

Even knowing what I'll do next, what story I'll write when Daughter of Hounds is done, I feel like I have no idea what I'll do with myself when this novel is finished.

Last night, only half conscious, I watched three more episodes of The Outer Limits ("The Mutant," "The Guests," and "Fun and Games").

If you haven't already, and especially if you voted in the poll or phorum or e-mailed to express an interest in Sirenia, the erotic vignette subscription service thingy, please take a moment now to subscribe. Click here. Read the FAQ. Subscribe. Thanks!

There are several very patient people whom I owe e-mails, and I wish I could say that I was going right this minute to write them, but first I have to find THE END.

P.S. — Spooky just found a 1918 wheat penny in our drive.
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