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Addendum: "Cities Beneath the Sea"

So, yes. It's true. We are now accepting subscriptions for the monthly erotic vignette subscription service. Please read the FAQ before subscribing and feel free to ask questions. The first issue will actually be the discarded original draft of Chapter Three of Daughter of Hounds ("Wild Things"), which I had to almost entirely rewrite when my previous editor lowered the 150K-word limit boom upon my head and the whole Sadie/Dogtown/Reverend William Welcome subplot had to be shelved for, well, perhaps another novel. The first issue should go out to subscribers sometime next week. The second, which will begin the erotica proper, will go out on December 10th. Please click here to subscribe. Thanks.

Today, I am completely obsessed with Gravenhurst's song "Cities Beneath the Sea," and hence, I am posting the lyrics, which I have been singing all day. It's beautiful and sad and terrible and ever so slightly Lovecrafty and so on and so forth:

I live on both sides of the mirror.
I feel the pain that destruction brings.
I want to help put everything in its place.
I want to destroy everything.

There are cities underneath cities,
Cities beneath the sea.
In deserted towns and burial mounds
There is beauty that no one will see.
And the magic of stones, when taken back home,
Is left on the beach.

The dead see through the eyes of the living.
The dead know all of our names,
Powerless to stop us repeating the same careless mistakes that they made.

Chorus (x2)
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