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Addendum: Before the Dinsoaurs

So, despite what they might be teaching the kiddos in Kansas these days, life on Earth was not pooped out over a mere six days some ten or fourteen thousand years ago at the whim of an overachieving, ominipotent white male god with too much time on his hands. Instead, it evolved over billions of years and way more cool stuff happened than that silly business with the snake and the apple. You can see some of it in a new Discovery Channel special airing this evening — Before the Dinosaurs — which takes a look at the animals that existed, well, before the damned dinosaurs. From the people who made the amazing Walking With Dinosaurs, Before the Dinosaurs (apparently called Walking With Monsters in Canada) uses CGI to recreate such ancient wonders as sea scorpions and sail-backed pelycosaurs. Don't miss it. Tonight, 7 and 11 p.m. (EST). This stuff really makes the creationists squirm...
Tags: creationism, paleo

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