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Addendum: vignette news and another sundry thing

Subterranean Press has generously offered to sponsor the monthly erotic vignette subscription service (which desperately needs a shorter name...I'm working on it), which is going to make everything much, much easier on this end. It also means that there will be more illustrations, coupons and special offers, and that there will be additional collections in the vein of Frog Toes and Tentacles, since subpress will be releasing occasional print volumes collecting selections from the monthly service along with original material. I'm very pleased that the books will be happening, but before anyone falls into the "oh, good, then I'll wait for the trade paperbacks" mindset that has adversely affected monthly comic book sales, I want to be clear that only a fraction of the content of the monthly PDFs will ultimately appear in the collections, certainly much less than 50%, and the only way to get everything will be to subscribe. The service will only succeeed (i.e., I'll only have time to do it), if we have a solid subscription base. Also, subscribers will receive sneak previews of novels and stories and other material, as well as eligibility for monthly give-aways. If you're interested and haven't yet expressed that interest, please do so now, by voting in the poll, e-mailing me (, or commenting in the "Vignette Subscription" thread on the phorum. Also, I'll be doing an interview regarding the project for the Subterranean Press newsletter, which you can get by going to this page and simply entering your e-mail address below "Join the Subterranean Press e-mail list" (be sure to indicate whether you want the newsletter to come as HTML or text).

Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth (Fedogan and Bremer), which contains my story "From Cabinet 34, Drawer 6," is ready to ship, and you may order the book from Arkham House. Here's the cover:

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