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9,125 days (give or take)

Addendum: Wow. I'd entirely forgotten "Mercury." That is, I'd forgotten the story, and, more alarmingly, I'd forgotten how very personal this particular story is. This is further evidence that I've been writing more than I should be writing, and that I need a long, long break that isn't coming. I wrote "Mercury" back in October, immediately after having finished Murder of Angels. In a lot of ways, "Mercury" was an escape from all the difficulties of the composition of MoA. Anyway, I think I really love this story, and it makes me a little angry that it had slipped from my mind after a mere seven months. As we read through it, at times it was almost as though I'd never read this story, much less written it. It'll be released as a chapbook by Subterranean Press, free with every copy of the subpress edition of Low Red Moon. We found lots and lots of typos and mistakes, which is also indicative of how frazzled I was when I sent the "finished" ms. to Bill Schafer.

And it was also a bit odd to be reading "Mercury" today, and remembering it, this story about a very young Deacon Silvey's brief, clumsy affair with a transsexual woman, because fifteen years ago today, with the prick of a needle, I began HRT. I was a mere babe of twenty-five. Wow. That afternoon seems, simultaneously, like something that happened at least a hundred years ago and just yesterday. And I've now used "wow" twice in one entry, which is surely a record for me.

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