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curiously strong

Yesterday was another day spent slogging through the murky waters of proposal, refining, hitting walls (metaphorical walls, though I came near to hitting the physical sort several times). I'm getting there, slowly, by scant degrees. I have a phone meeting this afternoon that will hopefully help to move things along. But there's really no more news than that. It's dull business, this. The fruits of these endeavors won't be dull, but the process itself is wretchedly dull. And Daughter of Hounds is sitting there in its ms. box on the office floor, reminding me of Unfinished Things.

My contributor's copy of the Outsiders anthology came yesterday. My contribution, an sf piece called "Faces in Revolving Souls," is a particularly personal story, and it's strange (but pleasing) to see it in print.

My apologies to anyone who read my last comment on our eBay sales and then visited the page only to find nothing listed there. Things have been too crazy around here to get to it, but the auctions should be going up later today. I'll make another entry when they begin. Also, an apology to the winner of MDS #3, which is still a work-in-progress thanks to my distracted and frazzled state the last three weeks or so. The sculpture should be done by the middle of next week and will be going out to you ASAP.

Okay, well, I know this has been a short and not terribly interesting entry, but I have to get my head back into the proposal/synopsis-space. And remind myself for the gazillionth time this month of Harlan's observation — "The hard part isn't becoming a writer. It's staying a writer."

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