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highlighted by the lines of repetition

Another long night of sleep and dreams, which is at least better than a long night of insomnia, dozing, and dreams. But the dreams were especially vivid last night. It all ended in Manhattan, or at least some place that wanted me to believe it was Manhattan.

I think we're going to spend the whole day on housework. These things cannot be forestalled forever.

Regarding To Charles Fort, With Love, the following from the Subterranean Press website: "We're down to the last 10 copies of the Limited, so don't delay if you're interested." The clothbound trade hardcover edition shipped last week, for everyone who'd preordered it. The limited hardcover is leatherbound (there's that word again), traycased, has coloured endpapers, and comes with the chapbook, The Little Damned Book of Days.

Spooky and I saw Serenity yesterday, and it was, truly, frelling wonderful. I have virtually no complaints — I was sorry to see that Richard Brooks' character, Jubal Early, from the last episode of Firefly, "Objects in Space," had been replaced with a somewhat less fearsome and less interesting unnamed assassin, and I wish we could have had a flashback to the Battle of Serenity Valley. But these are very small complaints. This is easily the best thing that Joss Whedon's done to date. It's no secret that I've never been an out and out Whedon fan. I didn't like the original Buffy movie and only enjoyed the last three seasons of the series. I liked Angel more than Buffy, but only the last season was really impressive. I had mixed feelings about his script for Alien: Resurrection, mostly because of the dumb jokes that kept stopping the story cold ("Must be a chick thing," etc.).

Firefly was, I thought, Whedon's very best work to date, but, I think now, Serenity is even better. It's certainly far and away better than the last three Star Wars films all rolled into one. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, but I was pleased with the story, the script, the visual style of the film (which beautifully reproduced and improved upon the look of the TV series), the acting, the direction, and the fact that Whedon is willing to put cherished characters in genuine peril and even allow a couple of deaths. I was especially pleased that Whedon's comic timing is, in my opinion, improving by leaps and bounds. Summer Glau stole the show, and those were some of the best fight scenes from American cinema since the original Matrix film. In short, I simply, shamelessly adored this film and will likely try to see it again in theatres, which virtually never happens these days. All the magic of Firefly is distilled into one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in ages. I was dazzled, and I want more, please.

Latter, we watched Peter Cushing in Night Creatures (aka, Capatin Clegg; 1962). A peculiar film, that.

I never did get around to listing the lettered copy of The Five of Cups yesterday, but I'll try to do so today. However, the second $2.50 Silk auction has begun.

P.S. — Happy Halloween the 2nd.

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