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I see my eyes are shallow stones

The not-sleeping thing is wearing me thin. I'm not sure what time I finally got to sleep last night, this morning, whatever. But then there were the dreams, and then I woke at about 7 a.m. I tossed and turned until 8, when I got up. After breakfast, about 9:30, I went back to bed — which never works — and tossed and turned for another half hour. And now I'm here, typing.

I'd like to go an entire year without typing anything.

Last night, Spooky and I watched Jacob Aaron Estes' superb film, Mean Creek. If I were awake, I'd be able to articulate how deeply disturbing and brilliant this loss-of-innocence story is and why you should see it as soon as possible. Instead, you'll just have to take my word for it. Settle for a sloppy argument from authority or never mind.

Yesterday, when I said I'd been writing for twelve years, I erred. I mispoke. I missed a year. I've been writing for thirteen years.

Please have a look at the ebay auctions. Some of them are ending today. Thanks.

Usually, the eBay thing goes at the end of posts, but what the frell.

Tonight, of course, is MirrorMask and Serenity. You'll be there, I know. How could you possibly stay away?

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