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can't reconstruct you

If you're one of the people who's read the preface I wrote for The Five of Cups, then you know that I began writing novels more as therapy than anything else (certainly not because I ever thought anyone would ever publish them). And sometimes, now, twelve years later, it seems that whenever I don't write — I mean actual prose — for some period of time, say the past two weeks, the storm in my head begins to make the slide from simple thundershower to hurricane. I spent years inside that hurricane, and I've no wish to revisit it. The writing seems to help, sometimes, and the last few days and nights (nights, especially) have suffered, I suspect, because work that isn't exactly writing has kept me from simply imagining and putting my imaginings down in words.


Yesterday, Spooky and I had to make a dash to Birmingham. Family stuff. And late in the day we had to dash right back again. A wasted day, anyhow you look at it. Too much sun. Too much heat. Today, I find myself needing to make up for lost time.

Neil tells us in his blog that next week Anansi Boys will be debuting on the New York Times Bestseller List in the number one spot. Wow. I mean, wow. "Congratulations" seems too short a word, missing at least three or four requisite syllables. And of Mirrormask he writes, "And I got a note from the publicists at Sony asking me to stress that the first weekend's attendance will seriously affect what happens next. So if you are in a town that isn't showing it, and you want to see it, getting your friends who are in a town where it's showing to go and see it as soon as it's come out will increase the chances of it getting to you."

The way I feel right now, it's easier to pass along thoughts from other people's blogs than write my own.

I got word from Bill Schafer last night that To Charles Fort, With Love is now an actual book, so those of you who pre-ordered copies should be seeing them very soon. If you haven't yet ordered a copy, I hope that you will now do so. Here's the Bookslut review again, in case you need further encouraging.

I think that's about it for now. Time to make the doughnut holes...

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