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And today is Monday. And today it is raining. It hasn't rained here in weeks, I think, so I'm grateful for a rainy day.

To Charles Fort, With Love ships day after tomorrow, which will be Wednesday the 28th, and I hope you'll order a copy if you haven't already. The Subterranean Press edition is the only one planned for the immediate future. In many ways, I believe this is the best book I've ever published. I am immensely proud of it. Here's a link to the Bookslut review. Also, early next month, Subterranean Press will be releasing my collection of erotic vignettes, Frog Toes and Tentacles. It's going to be a beautiful book, thanks in large part to Vince Locke's illustrations. By my request, this book can only be ordered directly from Subterranean Press and there will be no reviews.

Friday, MirrorMask opens. Hopefully, wherever you might be, it will be playing at a theatre near you. It'll be on one screen here in Atlanta. You can find a complete listing of theatres by state by following the link above. Written by Neil, directed by Dave McKean, it's gonna be drad.

I managed to get back to Daughter of Hounds yesterday. Well, sort of. Spooky and I read over all of Chapter Nine thus far (that's 35 typescript pages). Mostly, I'm pleased with it, though there are a few passages that need serious work. I've been so distracted. It means that there will be more revision to this book than is usual for me.

I'd like to think I'm going to write something on it today, but already that seems unlikely. I'd planned to have the ms. finished by the end of the month, but I can now safely say that's not going to happen, as only four days remain in the month.

I was going to write something here today about the trouble I have, writing, with avoiding the repetition of words, but I'm presently too distracted for that, as well.

What else about yesterday. Well, I read Mary Rosenblum's "Skin Deep," watched two epsiodes of Rome (I'd missed last week's because of D&D), and also watched a documentary on the Science Channel about box jellies in Australia, and we had a nice walk in the evening (I've been being a slacker about walking again). Speaking of the Science Channel, I'm very, very excited about the remastered version of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, which begins tomorrow night. The original run of Cosmos (PBS) had a great impact on me, way back in high school. It was largely responsible for my years as a scientist and helped shape many beliefs which I still hold today. Check it out.

All the $2.50 copies of Silk sold out yesterday. My thanks to everyone who picked up a copy. They should go in the mail this week. Meanwhile, there are many other deserving books in our eBay auctions.

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