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when you showed me myself, I became someone else

Just read in your blog about this story, "The Daughter of the Four of Pentacles," and am very excited about the anthology it's in.  Will it be coming out soon? And should this story be read before DoH?  I'm assuming that this story is about the same Daughter of the Four of Pentacles as in DoH.  Thanks a lot!

"The Daughter of the Four of Pentacles" will appear in Thrillers II from Cemetery Dance Publications. But I honestly can't say when the book will be released. I've just signed the signature sheets, and sometimes that means a book will go to the printer soon. But sometimes it doesn't mean that at all, and the anthology isn't presently listed for preorder on the CD website. Yes, this Daughter of the Four of Pentacles is the same Daughter of the Four of Pentacles who appears in Daughter of Hounds, but no, you don't need to read this short story before you read the novel. The title character showed up first in this story, and I liked her so much that she wound up in the novel.

I've wasted the past three days. In the past three days, not one word has been written on the novel. Instead, I've nothing to show for those days but a gnawing frustration. I've spent the last three days trying to write Other Things. My tolerance for frustration has always been pretty close to zero, which is Reason #27 that I'm poorly suited to the "life of a writer." For the last two or three years, I've been determined to make a living on the income from my prose work and nothing much else, because it, the prose work, keeps me the farthest from frustration, simply because it pretty much means I can work alone (and we all know she doesn't work well with others). But. It has been a somewhat unrealistic expectation, which is an understatement, thinking that the income from my novels would be enough to keep me afloat, and so now I am trying to write these Other Things. The novels and collections get rave reviews, and they sell, they just don't sell well enough.

I do not have "the common touch" (nor do I desire to have it, as it sounds like a dreadful skin disease).

When I began this journal, I said I was going to write about my experiences as an author. But, in truth, I mostly leave out the really unpleasant stuff. I'm guilty of shining things up a little more than they deserve. This morning, looking back at the last three days, I thought perhaps I'd tell the truth.

As Harlan said to me last month, "The hard part isn't becoming a writer, it's staying a writer."

Anyway, last night, we watched Sleepy Hollow, one of my very favorite Tim Burton films, and then I played a couple of hours of Final Fantasy X. Though the combat system's a little clunky, this game is so much better than X-2. Last night, the scene where the crew of the ship taking Yuna to Kilika Port attempts to "distract" Sin by firing a harpoon into it, and then seeing the destruction of Kilika — that was really wonderful. Beautiful graphics. Appropriate music. The characters are much better scripted and better acted. I think I'm falling for Lulu (though I wish they'd given her another name).

Spooky's just put up more info on her cat-nip bats, including photos of all the available wing patterns. Click here.

The eBay auctions continue. The auction for Monster Doodle Sculpture #3 and a copy of the limited edition of In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers ends in less than three hours. Please have a look. There will only ever be one MDS#3.

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