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a nightmare comes, you can't keep awake

Rita is another monster. Looking at the current projected landfall charts, it seems almost as if she's been sent to pick up where Katrina left off. At least the evacuations seem to be going smoothly and thoroughly.

And I've been wondering if the fundamentalist yahoos at that Baptist church is Longview, TX (presently in the storm's path), the ones who, post-Katrina, declared New Orleans the modern Sodom and Gomorrah, have revised their big, ugly sign to include Galveston and Houston?

No writing again yesterday. Instead, work on projects that may be. I hate writing synopses almost more than...well, more than anything I can think of, including aching teeth and Christina Aguilera. I hate the idiotic, reductive logic behind the act of writing synopses. Stories, like history, like science, cannot accurately be "boiled down" to high concepts without losing almost everything in the process. Anyway, it's one of those "necessary evils" of being a working writer that I fear I shall never make peace with. At least, I hope I shall never make peace with synoptic narratives. It would surely signal the putrefaction of my mental and spiritual faculties. But, right now, there are a lot of synopses to write. Also, I received a Very Large Box of comics from Vertigo, and yesterday I read the first five issues of Hans Rodionoff and Ray Fawkes' Mnemovore. Not perfect, but pretty frelling good. It's been a long time since a comic actually made me tense, but Mnemovore managed it yesterday. And all the tentacles are nice, too. Late in the afternoon, there was a good conversation with my agent in LA (UTA), who wants to start shopping a couple of stories from To Charles Fort, With Love to various studios (I can't say which stories, sorry). And, also, we have a director who is very interested in parts of Tales of Pain and Wonder, but I can't really talk about that, either. It seems today will be more synopsizing and little else. Yeah, I'd rather be writing.

Anything else? Last night, we continued our Tim Burton binge with Ed Wood, then I played a couple of hours of Final Fantasy X (which finally came in yesterday's mail). My eternal apologies to Nobuo Uematsu for mistakenly blaming him for the insipid music in Final Fantasy X-2. The music in Final Fantasy X is vastly superior. I think I'm glad I played the sequel first, as it's given this whole thing a marvelously nonlinear structure. The opening scenes, as Sin destroys Zanarkand, are marvelous. That was yesterday, give or take. Okay. Gotta run.

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