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Addendum: movies and eBay

Spooky and I haven't seen the inside of a movie threatre since we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which must have been July. This might be the longest I've gone without seeing a movie in a theatre since the first few months of my time in Athens, Georgia. Partly, it's the outrageous ticket prices. And partly, it's rude, loud, annoying-ass audiences that theatre owners do nothing much to keep quiet. It's also the convenience and quality of DVDs. A few weeks back, I wanted a Big Dumb Movie and considered The Cave, A Sound of Thunder, and The Brothers Grimm, but all three films were getting such poor reviews, and at more than seven bucks at ticket, my courage faltered. However, on September 23rd we'll be getting Tim Burton's Corpse Bride and then both Serenity and MirrorMask on September 30th. Later on, on December 14th, there will be Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong. So, at least there are a few movies coming that will no doubt manage to lure us back to threatres. Most everything, though, unless it's a great spectacle of a film, I figure can wait for a DVD rental.

Now that the Wrong Things auction has ended, Spooky's relisted some of my stuff. Please have a look.. There's bound to be something there you don't have, and with Sophie's diabetes no longer in remission, a little bit of extra income for vet bills is much appreciated. Thanks.

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