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"Fate, up against your will."

A sunny morning, then a rain that was over by 2 p.m., and then sun again. Our high was 86˚F, with a heat index of 93˚F. Currently, it's 82˚F, with a heat index of 86˚F.

This morning, I realized that the toady was the last day of summer, and it was such a nasty shock I lost the whole day. I did force myself to go outside, briefly, and it was the first time I'd been outside since August 24th.

Very pleased to see Ted Lasso winning Emmys.

This afternoon was Denis Villeneuve's Enemy (2013), which was last of my five-part Denis Villeneuve film festival.

My contributor's copy of Far Out: Recent Queer Science Fiction and Fantasy (Nightshade Books) arrived this afternoon. It reprints "The Sea Troll's Daughter."* It also informs me that my most recent novel is something called Tindalos Effect, which is news to me.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. We have a copy of the Alabaster audiobook up.

Later Tater Beans,
Aunt Beast

3:58 p.m.

* Written in 2009.
Tags: "the sea troll's daughter", 2013, alabaster, audiobooks, awards, denis villeneuve, good movies, good tv, outside, queer, shut in, ted lasso, the tindalos asset

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