greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"In the smoke of denial and the fog of regret."

A very, very, very bad day. I'm not even sure how willing I am to go into the vaguest hints at the truth. A murderous black day.

Clouds, thanks to Tropical Storm Nicholas. No rain, just unseasonably cool weather and gloom. Currently, it's 80˚F.

Here's something from my Twitter feed, a couple of days back (fuck, I wish I had the nerve to dump Twitter...and Facebook):

For all its many faults, speaking as someone who was raised in & lives in Alabama, I really wish people would let go of the characterization of AL as a bastion of incest. In fact, in the US, incest is legal (between adults) only in NJ and RI, both Democratic strongholds.

I do wish you would have a look at the eBay auctions. Please. And I don't know why The Dinosaur Tourist isn't getting bids. Never mind Ray Troll's gorgeous cover, this is actually one of my best collections. I listened to the audiobook of it recently and I was surprised at how good it is.

There are two photos today, because I have a new tin coffee cup, and you have to see the front and the back to get the joke.

Later, All Ye Doomed,
Aunt Beast

9:33-9:34 a.m.
Tags: anger, anxiety, bad days, depression, lost days, lost years, mosasurs, pills, ray troll, storms, the dinosaur tourist

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