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Yesterday, I did 1,423 words on Chapter Nine of Daughter of Hounds. So far, this chapter is coming as quickly as the Chapter Eight should have. But the time of Confrontations and Showdowns and Revelations is upon me and Emmie and Soldier, and things may begin to slow again. I'm handling each word like nitro, for fear I shall drop it and somehow damage the whole. Some missing signature sheets also showed up yesterday, which was a huge relief, and I had a very productive meeting with my old editor at Vertigo. Hopefully, I can say much more on this in only a week or so, but that's all for now. Oh, and Megan Casper, if you're reading this, you should e-mail Spooky ( ASAP, as your eBay purchase was returned to us marked "unclaimed."

Last night, because my head was full and needed a rest, we watched Godzilla: Final War, which was wild and goofy and which I enjoyed tremendously. Afterwards, more Final Fantasy X-2 (I will stop as soon as our $2.25 copy of Final Fantasy X arrives). We also had a good walk. There was a huge red-orange moon, and we saw a few bats.

I never did say thanks for all the comments on Wednesday about Low Red Moon. They were greatly appreciated.

Lisa Snellings Clark, who has already gifted the world with a Neil rat, a Poe rat, and (swoon) a Lovecraft rat, has now created a Harlan Rat, perched atop a copy of Deathbird Stories! And no, I do not fully comprehend why he's dressed like Zorro. The mystery only makes it more wonderful.

We have about two hours remaining on the Wrong Things auction. If you want to bid, now is the time. Please have a look. All proceeds go to Poppy and Chris. Again, Wrong Things has been sold out for quite some time. This copy is signed by both of us.

I was stunned yesterday by the news that Mayor Nagin will be permitting 182,000 residents to return home, beginning this weekend. Look, I desperately want to see New Orleans make a full come back after Katrina. I want to see Poppy home again, more than anything. But I have to say that I'm very skeptical of this development. Were things simply not nearly as bad as we were told? That seems highly unlikely. It seems much more plausible that commerce and face-saving and politics are at the heart of this sudden turnabout. After all, if things weren't as bad as feared, then the failures of local and Federal officials are also diminished. Don't drink the water, indeed. There are still hundreds, if not thousands, of decomposing bodies to be recovered. Add to that unstable buildings, the threats from packs of feral dogs, fire, disease, and toxic sludge, and I can't begin to imagine how any part of New Orleans will be "safe" by this weekend. I have checked the list of zip codes that will be reopened, and they do not include that part of town where Poppy's house is located.


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