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Howard Hughes and a World of Dumb

Kay Ivey is an evil woman, and that needs saying. Likewise, governors Ron Desantis, Brian Kemp, Bill Lee, and Gregg Abbott are evil men, and that needs saying, as well. It as if someone set out to summon the ghost of George Wallace and called up all these ignorant, hateful motherfuckers, instead.

Yeah, I'm not gonna spiral too deeply into how badly America – and especially the Deep South, and maybe especially Alabama – is currently fucked. I'm too tired. My day has been too higgledy-piggledy. Something has gone unimaginably wrong with this country.

I did not write fiction today. I did write a little on one of the paleo' papers. But, frankly, Kathyn and I deciding that we need to go back into self isolation, despite both being fully vaccinated, it has made doing anything at all that requires either mental or physical effort almost impossible. But faced with that fact that the delta variant can be contract in less than a minute (compared to the fifteen that alpha needed), I do not see how we have a choice, and I am just grateful we have the option.

This did not have to happen.

Kathryn hasn't seen her family since June 2018 and needs to visit Providence. My nephew, who lives with my mom, refuses to be vaccinated (she is fully vaccinated), and I have not seen her in a year. I've given up on McWane for the foreseeable future, because I just can't see risking it. I need to make paleo' related trip to the Field Museum and the University of Kansas, but that's not gonna happen anytime soon. So, motivation keeps slipping away from me.

It was a sunny day out there. Our high was 90˚F, which it still is, with the heat index at 92˚F.

Aunt Beast

3:19 p.m.
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