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The clouds moved in late today. There was a beautiful pink sky, just before dark and I expect that will be the last sunlight we see for two or three days, as Tropical Storm Claudette passes over the southeast.

I spent most of the day reading favorite books, building momentum to write. Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World. Cormac McCarthy, Suttree. I did some work on the cave matrix, mostly sorting out scutes of a large armadillo.

The afternoon's movie was Tarantino's Django Unchained (2012), which somehow I'd only seen the once in the theater. It's much better than I recall, but the best bit is undoubtedly Christoph Waltz' Dr. King Schultz.

I fucking hate storms. Anyway, there's a pretty lousy photo of some mossy rocks below; see if you can spot the skink. No, it isn't hard.

Aunt Beast

11:56 a.m.
Tags: 2012, carl sagan, caves, christoph waltz, cormac mccarthy, good movies, lizards, reading, storms, tarantino, westerns

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