greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Plesiopedal vs. Hydropedal

Today was not a bad sort of day, though it was overcast all day and rainy. There was thunder towards dusk. Our high was a somewhat measly 74˚F.

The first part of the day was spent dealing with all the many line edits and continuity issues in "Strandlings." When I was done, I sent it away to Ellen Datlow, the editor for whom I wrote the story.

The rest of the work day went to re-reading various mosasaur papers, including bits from Dale Russell's classing Systematics and Morphology of American Mosasaurs (1967), Jim Martin's "A new species of the durophagous mosasaur, Globidens (Squamata: Mosasauridae) from the Late Cretaceous Pierre Shale Group of central South Dakota, USA" (2007), and Amelia Zietlow's "Craniofacial ontogeny in Tylosaurinae" (2020).

Here's Spooky's birthday wishlist again. Thank you.

I just realized that the galleys for Vile Affections are sitting on the floor of my office, awaiting my attention. I had forgotten them, in the rush to get From Weird and Distant Shores out the door.

Aunt Beast

10:06 p.m.
Tags: "strandlings", candy, cooler weather, editing, ellen datlow, fwads, lizards, mosasaurs, paleontology, rain, science, spooky's birthday, thunder, vile affections

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