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5,778K (5,505°C, 9,941°F)

Sunny and much warmer today. The high was 81˚F, and it's still 80˚F. Five more degrees of Fahrenheit, and I'll be in my own private Goldilocks zone.

This morning and early afternoon I finally finished laying out and editing the ms. for the new edition of From Weird and Distant Shores. A job I thought would take me two days took over a week. Which is mostly me being stupid. I do this shit. I think, "Oh, I can do X in no time at all," and I am almost always wrong. But now at least that project is out of my hands. At least for now.

I had a short walk Outside today, the first once since sometime last week.

Last night we saw the first three episodes of Ryan Murphy's Hollywood (2020). Almost without exception, Ryan Murphy vexes me. He has amazing vision. That's undeniable. But he also has absolutely no concept of restraint and uses a sledgehammer when a tuning fork is called for. His default setting is sledgehammer, no matter what he's doing. And then there's his "kitchen sink" problem, best exemplified by the ongoing mess that is American Horror Story. "Do everything, all at once – HARD" seems to be his motto. The only thing he's ever produced that I (almost) unconditionally loved was Feud (2017) – and I have seen a lot of Ryan Murphy. All that said, I'm enjoying Hollywood better than most of his work. Yeah, it's sort of a mess, and he's somehow wearing his heart on both sleeves at once, and it's shrill and preachy and excruciatingly naive. But I am won over by its vision of post-WWII Hollywood. Style over substance can suit me just fine, if the style's right up my alley. And because it's so goddamn beautiful, I want to love Hollywood. I really, really do.

Oh, and we watched an episode of something wretched on AppleTV+ called Mythic Quest that critics apparently love and find hilarious. Not only was it not even remotely funny, not even faintly funny, it was...painful.

This afternoon's movie of Danny Boyle's marvelous Sunshine (2007), which I still love despite the mess in the third act.

And! Spooky has eBay going again. Want one of my out-of-print, hard-to-find special editions, direct from me, signed by me to you, and want all the money to go directly into my pocket (well, minus eBay's cut and the IRS)? Yeah? Follow this link. This one right here. And thank you.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

4:19 p.m.
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