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Addendum 2: mail for Poppy

I just got off the phone with Poppy. She related a more detailed account of the pet rescue than she'd posted in her LJ. I promised that I'd send her a care package of books and "goofy stuff to make them feel better" (her words) early next week. After I hung up, I started thinking, so very many people have asked me to relay messages to her, how about this — if you'll send me actual hardcopy messages/letters (postcards would be ideal) to Poppy and Chris at my p.o. box (Caitlín R. Kiernan, P.O. Box 5290, Atlanta, GA 31107), and do so immediately, tonight and tomorrow, then I'll include as many of them as possible in the big box I'm sending out to Poppy. I think this would cheer her up quite a bit. She's seen some, but not all, of the response from her fans and says the donations people have made have been enormously helpful. She said, "I'm just so grateful. I'm heartened by it." Anyway, yes, if you want to send Poppy a message, a fan letter, whatever, send it to me, and I'll do my best to see that she gets it.

I'd also be grateful if someone would please crosspost this offer in any LJ communities devoted to her fans.

There's a Baptist church somewhere in BFE Texas (maybe Woodland?) making CNN with a sign, right out front of the church, that reads "The Big Easy is the Modern Day Sodom and Gommorah." I keep hearing about all the "good" Xtians, the ones who aren't judgmental and who don't preach hatred and damnation, who aren't jonsing for that Good, Old-Fashioned, Old Testament hellfire and whatnot. I'm assuming these assholes aren't among them.

Keeping an eye or three on Hurricane Ophelia, sitting there off the coast of Daytona. Hopefully, she'll head out to sea.

Thanks to setsuled for the new icon, by the way.

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