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It was a very fine birthday.

The day was sunny, with clouds moving in late. We made it to 88˚F, currently 84˚F, and we might see a shower tonight.

My thanks to everyone who wished me well online and a special thanks to the folks who sent gifts. A fine lot of distractions, sorely needed. I opened presents early, spent most of the day reading, then watching James Grey's Ad Astra (2019) again. I really do love that film. Spooky made a crock pot full of chicken and potatoes in Dreamland sauce, and she baked me a cake (from scratch). So, now I am stuffed. Oh, and I spent an hour on the cave matrix.

On the one hand, I'm not happy about being 57 years old, but at the the blow was cushioned a bit.

Tomorrow, I have to get back to work and assemble the ms. for From Weird and Distant Shores for Subterranean Press. Oh, John Kenn Mortensen will be illustrating this edition, by the way.

I wanted to post a link to my old Blogger journal, which is where all this began (on November 24th, 2001). I started the LJ in April 2004, but kept crossposting to Blogger until the late summer of 2005. If you're curious about those first few years, it's amazing to see they are still online (it's all backed up on my HD). The constant reader may recall I set out to document the writing of Low Red Moon and meant to go no farther; this happened, instead.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast the Elder

6:18 p.m.
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