greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Zero Minus Five

Another night when I hardly slept. Five hours, I think. I was awake around six this morning.

And the sun came back, but the weather remains a little cool for this far into May. We got to 83˚F, and it's currently 82˚F.

This morning I finished "Strandling," and I can only hope – given the lack of sleep – I didn't break it. I did 1,214 words. I also managed to wade through some email, including accepting an renewal offer from my Brazilian publisher of The Drowning Girl and apologizing to Subterranean Press for being late with...stuff. Circle back to not sleeping.

I did have a short walk outside today.

Last night we finished the re-watch of Hannibal. I will always stand in awe that somehow that show was made the way it was for network television. It is, the second time through, even more brilliant than the first. We also watched the pilot of The Nevers, which was cluttered and dull and artless and possibly just plain dumb, but which I might try another episode of, because why not.

This afternoon's film was Sam Mendes' 1917, but you knew that already.

And here's the last time this year that I'll post this, and my grateful thanks to those who have assuaged my endless need for distraction and made me feel a little less glum about turning 57.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

11:42 a.m.
Tags: "strandling", 1917, 1964, birthdays, brazil, flowers, foreign editions, good tv, hannibal, not a kid anymore, not enough sleep, sam mendes, subterranean press, the drowning girl

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