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Howard Hughes Should Have Stayed in Bed

Somehow, today turned into a bad day. I won't try to explain why or how. It just did. But the main problem has been resolved, and thank you, Chris. One day I will save your butt.

Chilly for a day in mid-May in north-central Alabama. We only made 72F. I am sick of this. It feels too much like cold spring. But we should be back in the 80s by Saturday, hopefully.

This morning, I wrote 1,054 words on "Strandling," and that was about all I accomplished. I did email Ellen Datlow and message Drew on Twitter. That was my productivity for the damn day. Not a lost day, really. Just a bad day.

Last night we watched the last three episodes of Season Three of Naked and Afraid.

Aunt Beast

3:20 p.m.
Tags: "strandling", bad days, bricks, cold spring, drew gentry, ellen datlow, frustrations

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