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"And when he lets go half the valley shakes."

A strange day. Sunny and very warm. Maybe our warmest day of the year so far. We reached 82˚F, with a heat index of 84˚F. It won't last.

All my work was on the Secret Project. I was not as productive as I should have liked to have been.

By email or DM on Twitter I spoke with an editor – Paula Guran – and two paleontologists – Joshua Lively and Drew Gentry. Technically, I messaged Drew. He has not yet replied.

I really have said nothing to explain why I found the day strange. I don't think I can put my finger on it.

Oh, and I spoke with my mother and wished her a happy Mother's Day and told her I wish I could have been there.

Aunt Beast

12:33 p.m. (Friday at the BBG)
Tags: bbg, drew gentry, flowers, joshua lively, mom, mosasaurs, paula guran, secrets, turtles

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