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Howard Hughes and a World Too Stupid to Survive

Sunny today, but the weather is still cool. Not as cool as yesterday, but cool. It is currently 77˚F, and it's heartening that there's a heat index, even if it only raises things to 78˚F.

Every scientist out there doing field work, of whatever sort, today I envy you all.

After getting two issues of the digest out yesterday and considering the mountain of work I need to get through before returning to McWane, I decided to give myself a one- or two-day vacation. Oh, and I'm celebrating the fact that it has been two weeks, as of today, since Kathryn and I got our second shots, so our immunity it likely at about 90%, as good as we can currently hope for. Yes, I am going to continue to be careful, obviously. I will still mask when I go out, especially in indoor spaces. I will avoid public restrooms when I can. And so forth. But I am going to start allowing myself to go back out into the world, to parks and libraries and shops and the market and such. Normal shit. There are a number of museum collections I need to try and visit before the years out, for various research projects (the Field Museum, the Peabody, etc.), so there's that. We were supposed to visit Spooky's parents last September, so that trip needs to happen soon. And I am going to start getting takeout, glorious takeout. Dreamland and Rusty's BBQ, Five Guys, Milo's, Chinese, and so forth. Kathryn and I have saved many hundreds, probably thousands, of dollars the last 13.5 months, just not ever getting takeout. It was an eyeopener. Laziness in the kitchen is damn expensive.

But yes, today was mostly a day off. I even slept until about 8:45 a.m., when I'm usually away by 6 a.m. I spent most of the day playing GW2. I ought to make myself go outside.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

4:30 p.m.
Tags: covid-19, days off, envy, gw2, literacy and the lack thereof, mosasaurs, outside, paleontology, relief, rping, second life, the chalk, travel

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