greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"...And I found it one day, in a drawer of old photographs, hidden away."

Sunny today and slightly cooler after a couple of violent storms late yesterday afternoon. we only made it to 71˚F today. But we'll be in the mid eighties by the middle of next week. This is my ideal weather. Low to mid eighties and sunny.

The vaccine hit Spooky a lot harder than me. Vaccinations almost always do. We've both been taking it easy today, not aggravating any side effects, hoping everything can be back to normal by tomorrow. But honestly, I am experiencing an almost euphoric sense of relief. I did not entirely realize how much of the constantly worsening depression and distress and agoraphobia during the past year was directly related to my fear of the virus. I'm dumb like that sometimes. I got that second shot yesterday, and it was like, honestly, an enormous, grinding weight was lifted from off my mind. I'm sick at all the time I've lost, all the things that didn't happen and won't happen because of the pandemic, that it cost me so much of my 56th year was lost, that so many people died. But now I am at the place where I can step out of the darkness. Yeah, I hate to tarnish my reputation as an unrelentingly glum person, but...I haven't felt this relieved about anything in a long, long time.

And those dimwitted motherfuckers out there – and there are a lot of them – who won't get their vaccinations because they've bought into some bad bad sci-fi QAnon-conspiracy bullshit or because they're looking for any chance to "own the libtards," well...fuck you. You are risking your own life, the lives of those you love, and the health of your country. You're selfishness is unforgivable.

Get your fucking vaccinations, people.

Pretty please.

Meanwhile today, bored silly, Kathryn and I tried to watch something called Hellier* on Amazon, some "docuseries" where two (or three or four) paranormal-obsessed hipsters from Cincinnati pursued (maybe) aliens through the cave systems of Kentucky – and really, I can't make this show and these people sound dumber than what I saw with mine own eyes. It may well all be a hoax. It might be a shuck and jive. Or these bozos may be exactly as ignorant and naive as they have allowed themselves to be presented. Whichever. "The sleep of reason produces monsters." I keep praying some hillbilly will finally have enough and...well, you know.

I'm almost done with the second Pleistocene matrix sample. You want rat teeth and bat jaws and little bunny toe bones? Well, I got 'em. By the hundreds.

Tomorrow, I need to get back to writing, both Sirenia Digest and work on the Secret Project.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

2:21 p.m.

* A reference to Hellier, Kentucky
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