greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"...howling outside your door."


Yesterday was actually productive. Yesterday went well. I do not know how today's going to go. It's off to a messy, rough start. Yesterday, I made some headway on the Secret Project (which looks dumber every time I type it). I think I've got a squall building behind my eyes.

Saturday I get my second Pfizer shot.

I'm still watching movies in the afternoon, and yesterday's was George P. Cosmatos' Leviathan (1989). It really is an awful film. Alien mets The Thing at the bottom of the sea. But I have a soft spot for it, thanks to Peter Weller, Ernie Hudson, and Stan Winston's creatures.

Last night we finished The Flight Attendant, and while I'd have opted for a darker ending, it was still very good. We might give The Good Place another try, but I really think it might just not be for me. Oh, and this morning I finished Peter Watts' Starfish.

I might devote today to Winifred.

I think I hardly slept last night.

And there are all sorts of obvious current events I could be discussing, but this morning I just do not have it in me.

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

10:38 a.m.
Tags: cats, frustrations, good tv, lydia, mediocrity, mosasaurs, not enough sleep, peter watts, stan winston, the flight attendant

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