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Tindalos at last!

Today is the official release day of The Tindalos Asset, the third in the series of "Tinfoil Dossier" novellas. This is the one I began way back in June 2017 and never would have finished were Jonathan Strahan a less patient editor. I hope you'll buy it and enjoy it. As a hardcore fan of The X-Files, I am very glad we got the release day we did.

A sunny, warm day. We made it to 80˚F.

Also, I received a copy of James Goho's Caitlin R. Kiernan: A Critical Study of Her Dark Fiction (Mcfarland), which is just all sorts of weird, holding a book that has been written about your work.

Oh, and the latest issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology arrived, which includes a long, long-needed revision of the anatomy and phylogenetics of the gigantic Late Cretaceous alligator Deinosuchus, which reached lengths of ten meters and likely dined on dinosaurs. The paper also names a new species of the gator from Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, Deinosuchus schwimmeri, named in honor of Dr. Dave Schwimmer with whom I coauthored the Alabama velociraptorine study in 2004.


If I were to look at all my heroes, those men and women who have inspired me, throughout my life, to do the work I have done and will do both as an author and a scientist, and then excise from their ranks those many who viewed (or can safely be assumed to have viewed) my gender identity and sexual orientation as deviant or loathsome or sinful or whatever, I would find myself discounting almost every single one of them. Which would be absurd and would force me to lie about my feelings for them and their accomplishments. So their beliefs do not diminish my admiration for them as authors and scientists or even as humans. They *were* humans, and they were humans of their time. They were, like me and you, fallible. So I keep them to me, thank you. And I understand, too, this is not some Ultimate, Final Enlightened Revolution we're seeing today, and in fifty years "progressives" will look back on it and roll their eyes and bemoan our most honest attempts as just another misguided sort of crypto-racism/sexism/insert you "ism here."

Later Taters,
Aunt Beast

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