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In Other News...

Sunny today. And hot. Spooky says the heat index went over 100˚F.

I finished Angela Carter's The Magic Toyshop today and tomorrow I will begin Jeff VanderMeer's Borne.

Today's film was Intersteller, which remains on my very short list of very good science-fiction films that (mostly) get their science right.

Tuna casserole and green peas for dinner.

I'm not writing about how the evening's are all Second Life. Just take that for granted. It's what happens in the evening.

Here are Spooky's shops again (and you really ought to have a look and buy something, because Covid has yet to make shit free):




AND ALSO: we are auctioning one and only one copy of the ARC of Comes a Pale Rider, the forthcoming Dancy collection. You can bid on it by following this link. Thank you.

Aunt Beast

2:09 p.m.
Tags: angela carter, comes a pale rider, dancy, good books, good movies, interstellar, jeff vandermeer, money, science fiction, spooky

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