greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"Wouldn't it be good if we could wish ourselves away?"

Another day.

Still here.

There was email with Subterranean Press about art for The Variegated Alphabet. I approved the eight readers who will be doing the forthcoming audiobook of A is for Alien.

I worked on the Winifred block.

I watched an astoundingly mediocre Roland Emmerich film, Midway (2019). This thing I keep doing with Roland Emmerich film, it is surely masochism, and I tell myself I would not have done it this time were it not that I'm such a sucker for WWII films. Anyway, astoundingly mediocre is actually a compliment when discussing his misbegotten ouvre.

After dinner, Kathryn and I watched the last two episodes of Season One of Perry Mason. I absolutely adored this series, and I strongly recommend it.

Aunt Beast

10:15 p.m.
Tags: a is for alien, artwork, audiobooks, good tv, mediocrity, mosasaurs, movies, perry mason, subterranean press, the variegated alphabet

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