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Addendum: eBay

We have a small number of people who won eBay auctions just before Katrina, and I thought I should post a note to the effect that we'll getting to those orders as soon as we can. Slowly, we're catching up. The books should all be going out next week.

I finished Deadwatch last night. I was a fun little game, but it was sort of a shame it wasn't a Really Good Game. It could have been. They might have hired an actual writer to do the writing, for example, and then it might have had a story and characters and dialogue that didn't hurt quite so much to hear. It's also a very short game. I feel like I'm beginning to see the quality and length of "story mode" dropping in new games, sacrificed for multiplayer and online functions. It's unfortunate. I've got nothing at all against online gaming. It's a great thing. But I like good, long, complex stories in my games, and I hate to see them sacrificed so there's room on the disc for a new incarnation of "capture the flag." Anyway, now it's back to Final Fantasy X-2. I have missed Yuna, Rikku, and Paine (YRP!), but I can't say I've missed the cheezola music.

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