greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Bona voluntas, malum consilium, bitches.

A day when an open window is like the door to a furnace. With the heat index, we made 103˚F before a few merciful afternoon thundershowers. Currently, it's 77˚F.

Today printed clean copies of the manuscripts for all the several alphabets that I've written since 2006 for Sirenia Digest, as Subterranean Press is collecting them into a single volume soon, and I need to proofread it all. And I tried to get my brain to think about the story I'm trying to writing for the next digest. And I worked on the Winifred block. And I talked with SubPress and with Jun. On Friday, Jun's bringing me a bulk sample of middle Eocene matrix to pick through for shark and fish teeth, something else to make the isolation go faster and to make myself feel useful. And I'm packing up what's left of my collection of Alabama Late Cretaceous fossil to donate to McWane. It's mostly shark, fish, and mollusks. But it will be safer there and do more good. So, it felt like a day when I actually got stuff done.

Oh, and keep a weather eye out for Ann and Jeff Vandermeer's The Big Book of Modern Fantasy, on sale tomorrow, which reprints my story “La Peau Verte.”

Tonight, good RP in Second Life. Our Toreador coterie is coming together very nicely. We're up to something like seven or eight members (though one or two are not Toreador). My thanks for Kat and Chris and everyone else who's making this happen. And on this night) in 1969, when I was five years old, my mother made me and my sister stay awake to watch the moon landing. I have been grateful all my life. It is one of my oldest and most cherished memories. Americans used to stand in awe of scientific achievements.

And today on Facebook I called the Horror Clown a bioterrorist.

Oh, and Spooky made a quick trip to Greenwise (where everyone wears masks) and came home with a jar of really good kimchi.

Later VamTaters,
Aunt Beast

4:20 p.m.
Tags: "la peau verte", 1969, 2006, apollo 11, clouds, covid-19, eocene, fossils, jeff vandermeer, jun ebersole, maison des roses grises, mcwane center, paleontology, rping, second life, sirenia digest, subterranean press, the horror clown, the moon, vampires

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