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Sleepy. Sleepy after a hot day. With the heat index we reached 96˚F. Right now with the heat index it's 83˚F. Spooky went out alone a little while ago to smoke, into the night alone, in the woods, in the dark, and I told her a coyote was gonna eat her.

I talked with Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press today, and I talked with someone at Tor.com, and I talked with Chance Boyd...oh, and I emailed Jun. I worked on the Winifred block. It's slow going. I think I have awakened the gods of carpal tunnel.

Tonight there was good, violent, sexy, sad RP in SL, and, before the RP, Jules showed up and surprised the hell out of me.

Tuna sandwiches again, with a fresh avocado.

And that was today.

Aunt Beast

5:11 p.m.


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