greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

Howard Hughes Rides Again (II)

I didn't mean to go six days without making an entry. I also didn't mean to to go the last thirteen days without leaving the house. But I did both.

Which might tell you where my head's at, especially when you factor in my not doing much of anything during all that time I've kept myself shut up in here.

I have my office window open, and I can here katydids and cicadas in the summer night, just about the best sound in the world. Our high today was only 86˚F, with the heat index, and it's currently 75˚F.

Anyway, I'm pledging to myself to do better beginning tomorrow. I'm tired of being useless.

Aunt Beast

6:07 p.m.
Tags: cicadas, dinosaurs, july, katydids, lost days, shut in, wasted days

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