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Howard Hughes and If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

Today was better, all in all. I slept a little more last night, for one thing. It was a little warmer, 87˚F with the heat index, and that helped, too. Currently, it's 72˚F.

I went back to avoiding the news, and that also made a difference. It always does.

I was even sort of productive. I read over and did some revision to "Standing Water," a story that I wrote way back in 2000. A twenty-year-old story that is doing an audio version of, and I got them to let me tidy it up a little more first. I'm still not crazy about the language. I mean, I don't write like that anymore, and I look at a story from then and, well, at least I was writing better in 2000 than I was in 1994. Still, the core of "Standing Water" is good and solid weird. I still love the concept, almost enough to rewrite the story (and I pretty much never rewrite anything). And the mood's good. And it's a snapshot of a Birmingham that no longer exists, a much more authentic Birmingham, the one I loved.

So, there was that, and then Kathryn helped me get the new exhaust fan in the window, so the prep area is pretty much fully functional now. And why has it not occurred to me before today to call Winifred "Winnie"?

There was more GW2, and that was actually good, too. Oh, and a new Phoebe Bridgers album, Punisher, released to Spotify (and maybe other places) one day early. I listened to it all day. I'm listening to it right now. I'm not sure I love it as much as Stranger in the Alps, but it'll probably grow on me. And I went outside for about five minutes. I washed my favorite Frozen t-shirt by hand. Kathryn and I spent the evening watching television.

I've had much worse days recently.

Aunt Beast

5:04 p.m.
Tags: "standing water", 1994, 2000, frozen, good days, gw2, mosasaurs, phoebe bridgers, sleep, the news, then vs. now,, voices

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